1985 Aston Martin Vantage  Before we Restored it.

Above you can see the entire set  BEFORE we restored it.  The clear finish on All of the pieces was cracked and causing the veneer to come off.  Also, you can see that the shift console is an entirely different veneer and color.
Taken a bit closer up...this photo shows cracks in the finish on every part.  They were so severe, that they cracked the underlying wood veneer and on some parts the veneer had come right off the parts.
Here you can see that the door panel at the bottom was not as exposed to sunlight as the rest of the set.  And again, you can see how the cracks were affecting the veneer.  The shiney, milky areas are where the clear and the veneer were both lifting off the wood substrate.
 Here is close up of one of the door panels.  Each of those cracks had split the veneer open.

The cracks on the Glove Box Door were not as bad, but the crack on lower right opened up enough to let moisture in...and discolored the veneer.  That sort of stain is permanent.

When a set of automotive woodwork is in this poor of condition, the only solution is to Reveneer and Refinish all the parts.  Go back to the Aston Martin Main page, and you can see what this set looked like After we restored it.