1983 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur


 The pictures below, are to show you the beautiful wood trim that Rolls-Royce included in the interiors of all these Silver Spur models.


When Rolls-Royce owners find that their Silver Spur is starting to show its' age, and when their woodwork needs restoring they turn to us.  The same thing is true with Silver Spur collectors. 

The woodwork from these models are some of the more popular sets we get into our facility for restoring.


  When your woodwork looks "Showroom New", your whole interior "comes alive".


NOTE:  These first series of pictures show woodwork that has not been restored yet. 

We are showing you them so that you can see the various parts and some of the reason's our customers send in their sets for restoration.

The woodwork in this Silver Spur has turned very red over time, and there are areas where the veneer has faded dramatically from exposure to the sun. 

A Word Of Advice

Often the finish on cars of this era, is starting to get brittle and small hairline cracks start to appear in the finish.   Our advice is to have us restore all the parts...all at the same time, before those cracks cause damage to the veneer.....and "start the clock" all over again. 

Also, as would be the case with a set like this that has gotten really red....the restoration process helps return the woodwork closer to its' original color - which was a medium brown.

This picture shows the dash area of a Silver Spur.  The woodwork has changed to a yellowish color and as mentioned above, the restoration process helps return the woodwork closer to its' original color - which was a medium brown.
This is a picture of the same dash, taken from a different angle.  The shadows mask the color change, but it is the same as the previous picture.
Opening the Glove Box Door show some of the color change....but the angle of  the shot, and the reflections hide how much darker it really is.
All in all, the finish on this dashboard has held up very well, but upon closer inspection it is starting to crack.
A crack is starting near the 8 o'clock position on the gauge to the right.
At the lower left of this cutout, you can see one of the cracks radiating downward from the corner.  It is best to have us refinish your parts when this starts to happen, before the cracks damage the veneer.
The other parts in this same Silver Spur are the same.  They look ok from a distance.....but up close, the need for us to restore them is very evident.
In their closed postion and with the reflections on them, it is difficult to notice any problems in the finish.
Even from this distance, things look ok.....but.....

But if you were sitting in the car, the hairline cracks on the fronts and the backs of the picnic tables is easy to see.

This was true with ALL the parts in this car. 

As we previously mentioned, it is wise to send us all of your woodwork for restoration before things get worse....You will be glad you did !!!

Because of their location, the Door Cappings are the first parts to start to have problems.  They tend to get quite faded from the sun.  They often get many dings in the finish from folks letting the seat belt fly back into its mechanism.  And they tend to get cracks in the finish earlier than the other parts.

But "not to worry" - we can restore your woodwork for you !!! 

There is nothing like having your beautiful wood looking "Showroom New"

Driver's side Front Door Capping.

Driver's side Rear Door Capping. 


Passenger side Front Door Capping.
Passenger side Rear Door Capping.
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